“… Mason has done a terrific job digging up delightful stores and characters for Long Beach Wild.” Excerpt from the book here, in the Spring 2013 edition of BC Bookworld. (Print copies available around BC, at bookstores, the ferries, etc.)

“Neither of these weighty tomes, however, moved me as much as did a slender volume that I picked up (in Costco of all places!) whilst in Victoria at the beginning of July … this is a heartfelt evocation of Long Beach – that spectacular sweep of sand on the west coast of Vancouver Island between Tofino and Ucluelet – written by someone who has lived in the region for 20 years and is clearly in thrall to the place.” From the blog, The Imperceptible Immigrant.

Long Beach Wild in the “Briefly noted” column from Canadian Geographic.

Q & A from The Vancouver Sun, with my thoughts on Long Beach, why I decided to write the book, my favourite characters and more.

Long Beach Wild is a passionate, layered portrait of a place everyone has heard of but few know so well.” – from The Tyee’s list of best summer books

“[Mason] captured the magic that is Long Beach, which will undoubtedly lure residents and visitors to its unpredictable shores.” Words from Melissa Fryer at the Nanaimo Bulletin.

“[Long Beach Wild] is a treasure trove of information about this iconic area. The nearly 200-page volume is also in parts a lyrical essay about Long Beach written by one who clearly loves it well.” A review by Jen Dart on the blog,

“The author … never hides for an instant her love for this stretch of land and it’s mesmerizing and unexpectedly colourful history.  Just when you thought you knew the history of Tofino a book like this comes along and reinvigorates your wonder for this amazing place.” From Five Years Desensitized: A Tofino hiking blog.

 “Adrienne’s book would appeal to those with a connection to or visiting Long Beach, Tofino. Things come to life as you walk around being more aware of the history of the place.” Thoughts on Tofino, west coast living and Long Beach Wild from the

Listen here for an interview with me blethering on about the book. From Long Beach Radio (“radio so good they named a beach after us”).

The Westerly News interviewed me about writing Long Beach Wild. You can find the resulting article here.

The spring edition of Westworld had a short blurb, and photos from the book. You can see it here.

2 thoughts on “Media”

  1. Hi Adrienne, I came to your book launch the other week which was wonderful! Also, I just discovered this site which you may find interesting

    • Adrienne Mason said:

      Thanks very much. I’m glad you enjoyed the launch. I will certainly check out the link.

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