The Author

Adrienne Mason was born and raised on Vancouver Island. She has lived for over 20 years on its west coast, first in Bamfield and then in Tofino. She is a writer, editor and biologist with a particular passion for the natural and cultural history of the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Adrienne writes for both adults and children and has published over 30 books, most on the topics of science, nature and west coast history.

Her passion for Long Beach began when she first stepped foot on the beach as a teenager. Since moving to Tofino in 1993, Adrienne has been researching the beach’s history, listening to stories of people who lived and played there, talking to researchers studying the ecological intricacies of this place, and exploring its shores firsthand with friends, family and on her own. The result is Long Beach Wild.

For more on Adrienne and her work, visit her website.