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With all of the buzz around surfing on the west coast, it would be easy to think that it is a recent phenomenon. It’s not really. Sure, surfing to the masses is a new thing, but there have been surfers on the west coast for decades. First Nation’s people surfed the waves in canoes and local lore says that the Hawaiian survivor of a shipwreck – the Carelmapu – surfed safely ashore to escape the sinking wreck. But the first surfers as we know surfers today, arrived in the mid-1960s. And the first surf competition was actually held at Long Beach in 1966. Check out this ad for Lucky Lager, where surfers are the stars. I’m not sure of the date, but given the clothing, I’d say the late ’60s. Love the slogan: Savour the flavour of a man-sized beer!

Lucky Ad from the 1960s